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David Dennison is the President of ACELA.


Gasoline hasn’t been “just gasoline” for many years.   Advances in chemistry and technology in fuel production have led to the development of solutions addressing many modern economic and environmental challenges. Fuels today are cleaner and more efficient than they were 50 years ago.

Despite the progress, many challenges remain.  Consumers demand high quality fuel and are increasingly sensitive to cost.  Modern, more efficient engine technologies demand higher octane fuels.   And, to ensure clean air and a sustainable  environment, we all want less emissions.

These are all important objectives. Fulfilling them entails economic, energy, sustainability, and public health benefits. This blog’s mission is to explore and communicate ways in which they can be achieved.

As scientific research and knowledge of leading experts is explored, we will work to shed light on the use of ethers (MTBE and ETBE) in the production of high quality, lower-emissions fuel.  In the coming years, ethers will play an important role in the fuels market as countries throughout Latin America work to address many similar environmental and economic challenges.

And it’s not just ACELA’s opinion.  This is the conclusion of international automobile producers, globally citing ethers the preferred fuel oxygenates.  It is the conclusion of more than 60 countries throughout the world, including 15 out of top 20 gasoline consumers.  It is also the conclusion of energy market forecasters who see ethers demand  growing at almost twice the rate of global gasoline demand.

It might be a seldom told story, but it’s a good one. It’s an important one, if we care about improving  fuels not only in the economic and energy efficiency sense, but also on the environmental front.

So, welcome to our blog and our website. We hope that you’ll find the resources compiled here informative and useful. In case you want to dig deeper or engage further, please reach out to us at info@combustibleseficientes.org. We’ll be happy to help.